Hey, what’s in your mind after reading the title USA? Russia, Japan, or, China if you are thinking of anyone from the above or, similar any country then you are wrong, it’s India the most enriched country you can find ever, I am not telling about Diversity I am telling about Its History (Inscription, pottery, seals, coins, monuments, writings and paintings bones, leftovers, pieces of metals) it’s cultures, heritage, and other creations! There is a ton of writers who wrote about India but I will try to give you a more clear vision by keeping respect for all of them.

Hey, I write Blogs about every category as you know! so, today I am writing a blog, which will enrich your traveling journey. Hope you are so excited right?

  1. Worldpackers/workaway:

These platforms offer you a free stay, free foods, and many more in exchange for your skills. Basically, this is a volunteering program. There are a ton of works to do, Such as Social media managing, farming, painting, teaching. And also a ton of experience types are their Hostel such as Home Stay, Camping, Holistic Center, Surf Camp, NGO, Permaculture project. And after completing any volunteering program you can write…

Let’s Start:

India, when people hear the name I am sure everyone can listen to the… ‘Panjaba Sindhu Gujaraṭa Maraṭha Dravida…’ simultaneously they will feel that some young women are playing Bharatnatyam around them. India is so diverse Kullu and Manali to Wayanad, Lonavla to Tawang each and everything is different people are different their religion, caste is different, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, did you ever watch any country like this? no! I am sure you didn’t, but now this diverse country is in danger and the livery of Democracy is going to remove soon. …

Hey, everyone how are you doing? today I am going to discuss what is a job and what is entrepreneurship and which one you should choose for your career.

Hey, hope you are smiling as it is the most important thing ever, well, so today I am going to explain to you about Personal Branding.

What is in this Article:

1. What is Personal Branding

2. Who needs to build a personal Brand and why?

3. which industries need this much!

4. How can you make yourself a Brand?

5. Few People who made themselves a Brand

1. What is Personal Branding:

Personal Branding is the cognizant and deliberate exertion to make and impact public view of a person by situating them as an expert in their industry, lifting…

If you are a Bengali and didn’t read the detective story Books then you are just losing the insignia of your origin! as these characters not only give you amusement also gives you a perspective of living as well a broad vision and last but not least a knowledge to live your life with realities and friendship. These characters which I am going to mention contains full of diversity and inspiration. In the Bengali story World, they are well known and most loving I know you will get joy after reading the whole Blog.

So, let me start with, 1.Feluda(Prodosh…

People say that “Bengalis as a clan are fond of traveling and everyone, irrespective of their financial status travels a lot” this is absolutely right on this earth you can find Bengalis everywhere they might be for their education, Job, or, travel but if you ask me the best reason behind Bengalis are everywhere so I have to tell you that it is for travel. They not only travel but they adopt also adopt what? adopt the culture, rituals, clothing, and also the etiquette. So, when Bengalis travel most so, let us know the best 5 places in West Bengal…

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” It was told by our beloved leader Mahatma Gandhi Humanity! Do you know? every leader has this special power to accumulated people by a single call!

Hey, every one it’s Anirban again today I will discuss how to be a proper human but before that let us know what is Humanity, yes being a proper human you have to understand humanity. Well, humanity is the entire human race or the characteristics that belong uniquely…

Hey, after reading this title you might think that why I am writing about west Bengal, not India so, there are answers one is I born and brought up here and wherever I can go in the future I will return to this place the smell of the soil is something which I can’t explain and my favorite language Bengali you also know the power of this language aren’t you? well, there is everything for which you can’t leave this place whatever let me tell the second point actually many states have done much development with respect to West Bengal!


Hey, everyone hopes you listened to a famous quote that every good friend was once a stranger, yeh! so why I am mentioned this famous quote you already came to know by the Title well, what is your answer? The comment section is free for you but this space is for me!

First of all, I want to tell you, why I am writing this Blog? I know you heard it a ton of time that “don’t talk with a stranger it might harm you, both physically and mentally” rather, “you have friends talk with them why you need to…

Anirban Das

An Atheist, An engineer On a mission to connect people by Humanities, skipping caste, Colour, religion, and Country. #letsmakeWorldBetter!

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