Why you should talk with strangers

Hey, everyone hopes you listened to a famous quote that every good friend was once a stranger, yeh! so why I am mentioned this famous quote you already came to know by the Title well, what is your answer? The comment section is free for you but this space is for me!

First of all, I want to tell you, why I am writing this Blog? I know you heard it a ton of time that “don’t talk with a stranger it might harm you, both physically and mentally” rather, “you have friends talk with them why you need to talk with others?” always our elder scolds us in our childhood for talking with a person whom we never mate! but the fact is really they are harmful after all how can you come to this conclusion before talk with a stranger? he/she might help you or, he/she might be the best friend for your life! well, I am going to discuss in-depth below.

Suppose you are in a different country and there everyone is a stranger to you! but you have to communicate with people for your needs or, understanding! and you are talking with them such in a manner that everyone is feeling uneasy and avoiding you, how would you feel? similarly in your workplace, if you are uneasy with your colleagues then whatever and whoever you might be you will not be accepted from any end neither from the management nor from the colleagues! well, I will discuss the positive and negative ends of talking with a stranger and also how to join them:

Positive ends:

Yes, this is my favorite point to discuss as I have mentioned earlier many points regarding positivity still it’s the space where I will discuss more positive points.

It Will makes you happy: The researchers found that talking with strangers gave people a boost that being helpful. People reported the same emotional benefits of doing good works.

Language: The most important thing is that if you can meet a person from another country then you can learn a new language.

Culture: you can be influenced by their good culture, or, share your own culture or, ritual!

Opportunity: The thing each and every people find everywhere ‘opportunity’ it matters a lot it might be of a business startup rather a good job or, in case of travel free food and free stay. Opportunity to learn new things.

Faith and motivation: Most people lack the motivation to do work and have nom faith in themselves whatever they can be superb but still they don’t have faith that they can do anything! His family or, neighbors might not help but an outsider or, stranger friend can help a lot by inspiring and influencing! Boost confidence.

Negative ends:

I, generally, stay always positive still it is a sensitive case so, I will discuss with you don’t worry.

As I have mentioned earlier most of the time we think wrongly that always strangers will do anything wrong with us but they don’t most of the time but you should be aware of these things:

Emotional attachment: Suppose you rely on a special religion and that means a lot for you so, someone might affect your life by doing an emotional attack with your trust.

Robbing: Stranger People might rob you by influencing, or, by a trap. sometimes you can feel it when you travel to an unknown place.

Security: They might break your security, it might be in various aspect. Hacking can steal online data.

How to join them:

Look your intention is to talk with them so, simply start with an introduction, whatever t might be who you are and why you are here is best among them. secondly, by throwing a compliment to him/her such as you are charming today or, you are looking so energetic today! always ready a backup and listen to him more carefully. Keep the connection with his/her words don't blow away with your own words! Fun is a good way surely but stays in the limit. Always positive don’t start with a negative, and if he is doing ill-treatment with you still don’t do it as It is your own morality. stay comfortable and bring trust!

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